My setup

Inspired by the setup of (, I wanted to list my own setup. Why? Why not? Sharing is caring, and it gives me some perspective on my work flow. I can only encourage others to do the same!
It is probably going to be less technical and I don't know if I am going to update it every year. We will see.
Now, without any further ado, I present to you an overview of the tools I use, sites I like, newsletters & podcasts I am subscribed to.

💻 Operating system(s)

Normally I am 100% a Mac user but due to circumstances, a client (Optimy) made me do it, I am currently also working on a Ubuntu machine.

🛠 Development

  • The tool I use most of the time is PhpStorm. It is one of the most complete PHP IDE's out there.
  • To work on MySQL databases I use Sequal Pro on my Mac environment and DBeaver on my Ubuntu environment.
  • For the terminal (Mac) I prefer to work on iTerm2. For now, I am just working on the Terminal on Ubuntu. Both are boosted with Oh My Zsh.
  • Testing endpoints and API's I do with Postman.

🧰 Organizational

  • I use Notion for documentation.
  • To manage my to-do lists, I use Trello.
  • All my accountancy tasks are done in Billit.

💆‍♂️ Focus

  • When I need some random noise to keep me focussed, I use Noisli.
  • To keep me off my phone I have Forest installed (and to block site, there is a Chrome Extension).
  • Caffeine makes sure my Mac does not go into sleep mode.

📧 Newsletters

  • Cassidoo: A weekly tech newsletter by Cassidy Williams focussed on Javascript/frontend-development.
  • Computer Club: Newsletter about technology. Every week the newsletter contains news that did not made it into their podcast.
  • FREEK.DEV: Tips, links & tutorials about Laravel and PHP development (2 weekly).
  • Not really a newsletter but updates of his blog (about PHP and web development).
  • 5 Bullet Friday: Five tips by Tim Ferris every Friday.
  • Status Code: A general (weekly) newsletter covering all software development related.
  • Zwol-a-gram: Monthly newsletter about media (+ the work of Zwoltopia).
  • Josh Comeau: Very inspirational newsletter about Frontend development.

🎙️ Podcasts